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National Open school Delhi Admission class 10th 12th last date 2022-2023

National Open school Delhi Admission 2022-2023 for 10th and 12th Class.

Admissions for class 10th and class 12th are going on. Students who want to apply for the National Open school Delhi courses for classes 10th and 12th can contact us for all the information. National Open school Delhi is the best option for students who cannot complete their education due to the Covid-19 situation. Also, the students unable to qualify for the school final exams of class 9th or class 11th can join for direct admission in class 10th and class 12th. They can apply for National Open school Delhi 10th Class admission and National Open school Delhi 12th class Admission.

Students can visit our National Open school Delhi Admission center at Adarsh Nagar for all the information like National Open school Delhi Admission eligibility for class 10th 12th, National Open school Delhi Admission last date, and National Open school Delhi Admission fees for class 10th and class 12th.

National Open school Admission Information

National Open school Delhi Provides free study material to all the students who join the National Open school Delhi Admission Class 10th or class 10th. The admission Process for National Open school Delhi is online, and all students must apply online for admission to secondary and senior courses.

National Open school Delhi offers 18 language subjects and 18 elective subjects in the 10th class. For the 12th class, the National Open school Delhi offers 12 languages and 29 elective subjects divided into six groups. Students can choose a maximum of two languages and a maximum of five elective subjects for class 10th or class 12th.

National Open school Delhi online classes for 10th 12th

National Open school Delhi also Provides free online classes for classes 10th and 12th via the Youtube channel. Here the students can find the recorded courses of all subjects and all lessons by the experienced and qualified teachers of the National Open school. 

So all of you who are Unable to Complete school education now have an option to start school education once again with National Open school Delhi and Nios Admission Delhi.  

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Open School an Alternate to regular Schooling

Open school - A new alternative Option to regular schooling

Open school

Education is a process that lifts up human souls to new heights. An illiterate human being is no different from an animal, since he is not able to analyze with his mind, the bad things from the right stuff. The prominent English Scholar Diogenes has said: “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”
This means if the total population of any country gets is educated, it can flourish in all spheres. The state shall have good economic growth and achievements. in the field of science, fortifying its defense. Hence the competing with world countries, to achieve the top place, etc.

Schooling Education in India

Our Indian Government believes staunchly in this doctrine. Young India, after Independence, is thriving to achieve unlimited progress in every field. This has become possible due to the unstinted efforts of our National Leaders. Who dreamed of the immense development of Independent India in all the spheres, and put forth their dedicated efforts towards this dream.
One of the channels of ushering India towards progress is giving education to the masses. Knowledge can be imparted to students at their young age by admitting them in Regular Schools, built-in all the villages, small, medium, and big towns in India, including Metropolitan.
In these Regular Schools, Students are taught lessons in various Subjects from the Elementary Stage. They should cross Class after Class and finally go to the School Final Courses, to pass the Final Exams. They will be awarded Certificates if they secure certain prescribed Pass Marks in the Exams.
These exams are of two types. The First one is Secondary School Exam if the Student passes 10th Standard; the other is the senior Secondary exam if they give 12th Standard. Only those who secure Senior Secondary Certificates will be admitted in Colleges and Universities, for Higher Education.
 What about Students who could not successfully come out of the lower classes, and leave schooling at all? It is here the necessity arises for offering education under the concept Open School.
This really means taking out Education from Regular Schooling and provide chances and opportunities to those unfortunate Students who have left schooling and unable to study in the 10th or 12th Standard.
Open schooling in India - A new Concept in Education
Open School admission

For this purpose, the Indian Government has formulated the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). This Education Board conducts Courses every Academic Year, for the School Final Courses of 10th Standard and 12th Standard, respectively.
The eligibility criteria prescribed for this Open school admission are really very flexible. Even a Candidate attaining the age of 14 can get admission to Secondary Course – 10th Standard. So also Candidates dropped out of School in the middle, passed 8th Class, or unsuccessful in the 9th Standard are given admission on the 10th.
Candidates passed only 10th Standard and unsuccessful in 11th Standard can get admission in 12th Standard. Besides, there are also many Streams where the unsuccessful Students are given a second opportunity or improving their Marks obtained in the previous exams, etc.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

National open school - A New way to complete studies with the flexible study schedule

National Open School

National Open School Admission
With the vision of sustainable comprehensive learning, this platform proves to be the best for all those students out there who wish to live as an educated citizen of the country. One of the major reasons why students are opting for this platform is because it plays a major role in contributing to the school education’s universalization. National Open School, Now a days the most popular school in India working parallel with CBSE board and Conducts Board exams of class 10th and 12th like CBSE. Important Points for National Open school are  

·       It is Established by the HRD Ministry government of India, it offers education to each and every segment of society.
·       Formed with an objective to promote flexible learning as well as increase the literacy rate of the country.
·        The examination pattern, as well as the commencement of results, is the same as that of a regular school.
·       Provides relevant, holistic, and continuing education to all the poor and underprivileged ones as well.

National Open school admission

As they say, “What one learns with absolute pleasure, he never forgets.” With the help of the immensely supportive and expert faculty members, you will not feel an ounce of tiredness throughout your learning program. For getting admission into this School, all you need for National Open School Admission is just fill a simple online form at National Open school website with some of your basic details like your name, contact number, address, and Email Id, etc. 

National open school admission 10th

National Open school Admission Class 10th


If you are someone who wishes to get direct National Open school Admission Class 10th  but does not have enough time to attend the regular classes, the National Open School is certainly the best option for you. Through this school, students are provided with a chance of learning at their own pace with absolute freedom and flexibility. There is no immense pressure on them to compete with anybody as a result of them, their academic graph gets improved.

National Open school admission 12th

National Open School Admission Class12th


As per the current reports, more than 18 lakh students from all over the country have chosen to pursue Senior Secondary under National Open School which is enough to highlight the importance of this School. For the convenience of students, highly useful study material is also provided to them so as to save their time and money. 

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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Open School Delhi

Open School Delhi

Open School Delhi
Open School Delhi


Open school Delhi Admission is really a blessing for students in Delhi looking for educational courses for class 10th or 12th board exams without regular schooling. Now a days due to the changing working opportunities every one understand the value of education in life. All the students, working persons or any one else who left out the schooling either due to failure or other reasons. If now any one of these persons are developing a passion for learning than Open School Delhi is the most excellent approach to achieve this  dream of passing 10th and12th from the reputed National Open school. The reason behind this is "An educated Person never discontinue to grow". So for all of them it is the easiest way to pass class 10th as well as class 12th without accompanying the normal schooling at avery low cost.

Open school 12th admission, Open school 10th Admission

all these students can apply for 12th Open form 2020 if they are 10th passed and also for 10th class with 10th class Open Form 2020 in Delhi subject to some eligibility conditions. The admission procedure for Open school admission is an online process where every student applying for 12th admission or 10th admission must register them self on line on National open school website. This process is very simple and students can apply for Open school admission class 10th or Open school admission class 10th very easily. It is right to say that if we have a will to do anything there is always a way to do it. Open school Admission has proved it true for all those who were unable to complete their education but now really want to get educated. National Open School is a broad recognized by government of India with a primary objective of education to all in India. Therefor every certificate issued by this board is valid for higher education as well as employment opportunities every where in India as well as abroad.    

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Open School Admission

Open School Admission are open from 16/03/2016 for stream 1 for exam in march /April 2017 exam. A student can apply for class 10th registration if he/she has attained age of 14 years.also he/she have a school leaving certificate or date of birth proof and a valid address proof. there are many subjects for class 10th in open school and a student can choose the subjects according to his interest with at least 2 languages .A minimum of 5 subjects are necessary to pass but a student can take 2 additional subjects also. A student can apply for class 12th admission from open school if he has passed class 10th from a recognized board.he/she can take admission in 12th just after passing 10th in which he/she is given 3 chances to pass the 5 subjects during 2 years.if a student has one year gap after 10th then he/she can appear in all he subjects in the next year public exam. If you need any guidance or help for your class 10th or 12th admission in open school then call 9911111425,9911111525 or log on to for open school admission in class 10th or 12th.
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Friday, April 8, 2016

nios 12th admission last date


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

National Open School Admission

National open school admissions are open for class 10th and 12th for the students who fail in class 9th are 11 from school but want to continue their studies from a recognised board. National Open School is the largest open schooling system of the word in India it is working since 1991 and more than 3 million student have certified at secondary and senior secondary level. National Open School has more than 6000 study centres all over India vs students can fill the form and learn antique examination if you need any guidance regarding Nios admission please call 99111 11425 or logon to www. kapoor study